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How it Works

Gift Cards are an excellent way for customers to give friends and family the opportunity to experience your services. We want to ensure your customers have the best possible experience when using and redeeming gift cards. To help make the process easier, here’s step by step guide on how it works.

1. Customer fills out the form and purchases the gift card.

2. Customer receives an automatic email receipt for the successful purchase of their gift card. This helps verify their purchase to avoid any potential issues.

3. The gift card recipient receives an automatic email including the gift card image and instructions on how to redeem. You can further customize the email text to make the email even more personalized.

4. The recipient uses the link in their email to create their booking, or can go to your website’s form and input the gift card code into the discount code field on the booking form.

5. If the gift card recipient doesn’t use the entire amount on their gift card, the balance will be stored on the card until they need it. They can check their current balance on their customer portal and you can see the balance in their customer profile.