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  • (1 Cleaning Appointment) with (1 total Hour of House Cleaning) (GREAT FOR BATHROOM CLEANING) *SUPER SPECIAL*, Regular Price: $65
  • (1 Cleaning Appointment) with -> (2 total Hours of House Cleaning) Regular Price: $129
  • (1 Cleaning Appointment) with -> (3 total Hours of House Cleaning) Regular Price: $165
  • (2 Cleaning Appointments) with (3 total Hours of House Cleaning) Per (Each Appointment) Regular Price: $344
  • Price: $10 per month to JOIN our Monthly (GREEN Cleaning Club) & Get Monthly discounts Including —————> >UNLIMTED 3Hour Cleanings for $129, Regular – *LIMITED TIME SPECIAL

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Basic Cleaning Service Includes:

Kitchen All surfaces disinfected Cabinet fronts wiped down Stove tops cleaned Microwave inside and outside Any stainless steal polished Floors vacuumed/mopped

Bathrooms All surfaces disinfected Cabinets fronts wiped down Shower/bath cleaned (Extra large tub/jacuzzi tub extra cost of 25.00) Garbage emptied Glass and mirrors cleaned Floors vacuumed/mopped

Bedrooms All surfaces dusted Beds straight up (we do offer sheets being changed for a extra cost of 10.00 per bed) Fans dusted Floors vacuumed/mopped

Living spaces All furniture dusted TV wiped down Couches animal fur removed Fans dusted Sliding glass door/glass from doors cleaned on the inside only Floors vacuumed/mopped

Laundry rooms All surfaces wiped down Utility sinks scrubbed Floors vacuumed/mopped

Change Sheets $10.00 per bed Place clean sheets on bed before we arrive and we will change them and place dirty sheets in wash you will just have to switch over to dryer when you get home.


Deep Cleaning Includes everything Above plus All Base boards/trim wiped down All Door and window frames wiped down Doors wiped down Windows washed inside only.


Moving Cleaning – Moving in or out of a house

We come in and clean your empty house before you move In or Out Includes everything listed above in regular and deep clean plus

Wipe down inside all Cabinets and Draws

Wipe Inside all closets Fridge & Freezer

Wipe Inside Stove and oven


Deep Clean Extra services:

Fridge & freezer $75.00 cleaned out – Inside all shelves and draws fully washed & remove all expired food and combine and duplicates put back in fridge organized.

Oven $65.00 per oven Deep clean – inside oven (Request you to run self clean night before)